Data Quality and Master Data Management with SQL Server 2012-2016

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Training levelBI Course
Duration3 days / 24 Hours
Delivery methodIn Class
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In this course, you are going to learn about typical master data management (MDM) problems and solutions. You will also become familiar with Microsoft tools for data quality and MDM, including Data Quality Services (DQS) and Master Data Services (MDS).

This course is designed for BI application developers and advanced administrators. Before attending this seminar, it is recommended that the students have at least moderate experience with transactional applications, data warehousing, reporting, and online analytical processing.

  • Describe what master data is
  • Define MDM activities
  • Understand data quality problems
  • Install DQS
  • Create a DQS knowledge base and DQS projects
  • Deploy MDS
  • Manage master data with MDS
  • Profile data with SQL Server tools (for instance, to find areas of low data quality)
  • Control data quality over time
  • Merge data from multiple independent sources by using identity mapping
  • De-duplicate master data


  • Module 1: Introduction to Data Quality and Master Data Management
  • Module 2: Installing and Maintaining Data Quality Services
  • Module 3: Installing and Implementing Master Data Services
  • Module 4: Managing Master Data with MDS
  • Module 5: Data Cleansing with DQS
  • Module 6: Data Profiling with SQL Server Tools
  • Module 7: Identity Mapping and De-Duplicating
  • Module 8: Data Quality and Master Data Management with Excel

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Trainer: Dejan Sarka

Trainer: Dejan Sarka


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