SQL Server Enterprise Infrastructure Optimization and Deployment

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Training levelDeep Dive Course
Duration3 days / 24 Hours
Delivery methodIn Class
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If you work in a big company then you probably know that SQL Server Instances tend to multiple. At some point it becomes difficult to manage them and we need to start thinking about some kind of optimization, either at the instance or at the database level. Which one to choose, how to approach the multi-instance, multi-versioning and multi tenancy? Those are some of the topics of the Enterprise Infrastructure Optimization and Deployment workshop. The class gives you the approach for reaching a manageable, highly performant and scalable SLQ Server Infrastructure.

  • Solution Architects, consultants and IT professionals who want to gain knowledge necessary to make architectural decisions in SQL Server Platform.
  • DBAs who have experience with SQL Server Administration and need to deal with multi instance optimization
  • Approach SQL Server Infrastructure optimization task and have a good understanding of possible paths
  • Choose a proper method of analysing current SQL Server Infrastructure and Instances
  • Make an effective choice of consolidating SQL Servers
  • Plan for deployments
  • Understand SQL Server virtualization, when and how to plan for it

Module 1: SQL Server Enterprise infrastructure analysis – when do we need an optimization

Module 2: SQL Server virtualization technology approach

Module 3: SQL Server consolidation technology approach

Module 4: Monitoring SQL Server enterprise infrastructure

Module 5: Management of the SQL Server enterprise infrastructure

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Trainer: Magi Naumova


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