SQL Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions

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Training levelDeep Dive Course
Duration3 days / 24 Hours
Delivery methodIn Class
List price650 Euro VAT Excl.

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Deep Dive Series consists two and three day trainings with technical level 300+ (level 100 – beginners, level 400 – masters). Those courses are focused on specific components of SQL Server and there are a significant number of practical advices, examples of real infrastructural solutions, discussions of real situations which students have in their infrastructures and want to discuss, a lot of demonstrations and huge theoretical part.

This course is designed for experts, who would like to get deeper into technical details on specific platform areas and SQL Server components, like replication or log shipping solutions.

  • Decide what type and which HA and DR technology to implement
  • Understand how the specific availability solution work
  • Implement a proper high availability solution or a combination of them
  • Manage, maintain, operate and troubleshoot Availability Group configuration
  • Monitor and take actions to optimize the solution performance

Module 1: HADR Concepts

Module 2: Log Shipping and Database Mirroring

Module 3: SQL Server AlwaysOn Failover Cluster

Module 4: SQL Server AlwaysON Availability Groups

Module 5: Combining and upgrading HADR Solutions

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Trainer: Magi Naumova


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