Developing Reporting Solutions with SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services

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Training levelBI Course
Duration3 days / 24 Hours
Delivery methodIn Class
List price490 Euro VAT Excl.

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Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services is a modern enterprise reporting and mobile BI solution. In this training you will learn how you can bring business insights to more people in your organization with modern tools, visualizations, and mobile reporting capabilities that provides your users with the right business insights on any device.

Database Developers, Database Administrators and also any IT professional who is responsible for developing reporting solutions.

  • Understand Basic SSRS Architecture and Tools.
  • Use the Report Wizard, Query Builder; Create Data Source, Datasets; Organize Report Items with Ractangles; Bringing images to a report.
  • Understand when to use Table Versus Matrix; Use the Grouping Pane; Storing Data; Creating Mailing Lables with the list.
  • Modify Datasets to use Parameters; Use Default and Available Values in Parameters; Change Parameters to use a Dropdown Selection; Build Cascading Parameters;
  • Vizualize Data with Charts; Using indicators to Display KPI;
  • Design and publish mobile reports, Connect Reporting with PowerBI;
  • Implement Report Subscriptions.
  • Module 1: Introduction to Reporting Services
  • Module 2: Building your First Report using data sources and basic toolbox items
  • Module 3: Understanding the Grouping and sorting and page report design
  • Module 4: Building a Report with Parameters
  • Module 5: Making Reports Dynamic with Expressions
  • Module 6: Additional Data Visualizations Techniques
  • Module 7: Mobile Reporting
  • Module 8: SSRS Administration concepts and deployment
  • Module 9: Report Delivery

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