SQL Server Development Fundamentals

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Training levelSQL Server Foundation Courses
Duration5 days / 40 Hours
Delivery methodIn Class
List price750 Euro VAT Excl.

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SQL Server Fundamentals courses give you an excellent base for successful career as administrator or data base developer. Their practical purpose, use of scenarios of working practice will help both the beginners, as well as the more experienced students to protect in a better way the data of their organizations, to react quicker and adequate to all issues, which are data base related, and to avoid following some harmful myths and wrong concepts in administration and data base development.

  • New specialists in role of DBAs/Devs;
  • Professionals working with other technology platforms
  • DB Specialists coming from versions earlier than SQL Server 2008
  • Developers who are willing to fill the gaps in their T-SQL knowledge and build a good understanding of SQL Server product
  • • To write an appropriate and correct T-SQL code
    • To protect against Use of improper practices when writing code
    • To read and create objects in the program, and can use the facilities suitable for
    • Know and use appropriate data types
    • Know indexes and their structure and use
    •Understand the different types of JOIN, sub-queries, CTE, Windowing functions and when and how to use your
    • Understand the principles of generating Execution Plans, and to rely on simple query execution plan and find the connection between the way of writing queries and their execution plans
    • Understand when and how to use Dynamic SQL
    • Know the non-relational data in SQL Server
    • To know the mechanism of work transactions, isolation levels and locks, and write code that minimizes blocking problems
    • Be able to implement proper error handling in SQL code
    • To know how to load data to be able to implement bulk load operations with minimal resources and locks
    • Plan and test your application and scripts
  • SQL Server and T-SQL Overview
  • The SELECT module
  • Joins and Subqueries
  • Introduction to Data Types, Tables and Constraints
  • Indexing Fundamentals
  • Foundations of Query Execution and Reading Query Plans
  • Dynamic SQL, specific constructs and their usage
  • T-SQL Programming Objects Fundamentals – Views, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions
  • Foundations of Data Modifications, Data Loading and Error Handling
  • Transactions and Lock Management
  • InMemory OLTP Concept

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Trainer: Rozalina Zaharieva


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