SQL Server Upgrade

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Training levelDeep Dive Course
Duration3 days / 24 Hours
Delivery methodIn Class
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SQL Server upgrade process could be challenging especially in environments that hold mission critical applications or have complex highly available configurations. Understanding the technical steps, planning in advance, testing and analysing the result is critical for a successful upgrade, which is the one that switches the environments with minimal downtime and no data loss. The class teaches the attendees how to go trough all the migration steps no matter how complex the SQL Server environment could be and how to achieve a performant SQL Server at the end.

  • Solution Architects, consultants and IT professionals who want to gain knowledge necessary to make architectural decisions in SQL Server Platform.
  • DBAs who are responsible for planning, and implementing SQL Server Upgrades.
  • Plan the SQL Server Upgrade for complex, mission critical environments
  • Perform proper assessments and plan for pre-upgrade actions
  • Build deployment plans for production migration
  • Understand how to migrate different SQL Server configurations with minimal downtime
  • Perform all the post-upgrade tasks required for building performant environment and a sucesful migration

Module 1: Planning for an upgrade

Module 2: Upgrade assessment

Module 3: Upgrade methodologies

Module 4: Considerations for updating specific instance features

Module 5: Considerations for patching

Module 6: Considerations for upgrading specific database features

Module 7: Considerations for choosing an upgrade strategy

Module 8: Steps in deploying upgrades

Module 9: Post-upgrade tasks

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Trainer: Magi Naumova


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